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Our comprehensive services include:

  • All Services from A to Money

    Bookkeeping, payroll, statutory return preparation and filing, secretarial, financial statement and analysis, tax planning and administration and consulting.

  • SME Accounting for Small businesses and Bookkeeping best practices

    Reduce time and stress by navigating your business with our expertise

  • Guiding a critical part of the functionality of the business

    SGCO assists you in concentrating on what you do best by doing what we do best.

  • Experience in most sectors, both vertically and horizontally

    Manufacturing to Retail, Electrical to Analytical and logical to creative

Service Areas:


Inter Vivos and Testamentary


Trading and Holding Trusts


Trust Administration


Advisory and Financial Statement Preparation


Estate Planning



Individual and Corporate Tax


Tax Administration and Planning




Individual and Business Advisory


Management Consultancy


General Business Consulting



Annual Financial Statement Preparation and Reporting in terms of IRFS for SME’s


Financial Statement Analysis and Consultation


Analytical Review


Forecasts, Budgets and Cashflow Statements




Fauzo Ossman accountant officer

David and Fauzo

Fauzo and David payroll manager


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